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Meet Andrea, her husband Constantinos (Gus), 16 year old Sophia and 14 year old Nikolas.  Sophia is earning her Gold Award in Girl Scouts and is an avid basketball player.  Niko can be found playing outside with his large group of friends and is exploring new clubs to join as he enters high school.

Andrea and Gus devote themselves completely to their children. Whether it's jet skiing, attending concerts or camping with the scouts, they are always together.  The Kalliaras family is a family full of love, respect and dedication to each other and truly a model of Greek family values.


From Andrea's brother Christopher: "It just doesn't seem real. I am the older brother and I have been taught to protect my little sister but I feel helpless against Leukemia.

Andrea is truly a very good loving person. She has been the foundation for our family. She is a beautiful loving soul with a good heart. A wonderful wife and amazing mother. The best sister, daughter, aunt and friend anyone could ask for. There will be a tough road ahead but with your help donating stem cells, I have no doubt that she will get through this and it will one day be a distant memory."

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I have to say hearing that my sister was diagnosed with Leukemia was without a doubt the most devastating news of my life.

I have always been very protective of my sister and always looked out for her. But this time I can’t help personally help her which tears me apart inside.

My sister is not only one of my best friends but literally like a second mother to my 3 girls 16, 14 and 12.

We talk several times a day, live 5 minutes away from each other and are always spending time together as families.

We are in dire need of an Angel on this Earth of Greek and/or Cypriot descent  to a check to see if they are a stem cell match to help my little sister survive this horrible cancer. 

Please help us in this time of desperate need!

Never will you find a closer family than the Demetriou's.  Brothers Marc and Christopher remember jumping up and down on their beds when they heard the news that they had a baby sister 49 years ago! They put each other first, rely on each other and are each other's best friend.  Marc, Andrea, Gus and their kids are together on a weekly basis, with Tuesdays being the evening they meet at Andrea and Gus's home.  They take their kids on weekend trips as a unit, with Andrea parenting her young nieces as though they were her own.


Andrea's mom Fannie (Yia Yia) is full Cypriot and the true matriarch of the family. In true Greek fashion she is in charge of everything and leads with fierce love and protectiveness.  A favorite memory is when Niko once said he wanted to see a psychic and Fannie responded, "you don't need a psychic, I'll tell you what you are going to do!" Fannie has worked at Andrea's brothers busy mortgage company for 16 years. 


Andrea's father John (Papou) is both Greek and Cypriot and the quieter one in the family.  Soft spoken and kind, he spent his career as a hair dresser in Nanuet, NY.  Equally devoted to his family, he is always there for any of them
in need.

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